Saturday, 11 February 2017

The year of Uh

For the first time in their lives, nineteen year-old Nur De Dernberg and her younger sister Deirdre are leaving Seychelles, Africa. They’ve come to Boston for a year, but not to party with the college kids – they’re here to learn English. Nur, trapped by her inability to speak the language and her sister’s inability to speak in anything other than clipped wisecracks, finds herself in a strange country with nobody to talk to; she is dreadfully, existentially alone.

Until, that is, she goes to language class and meets Hyun-Woo. Despite sharing no common language, Nur feels something distinctly spark-like between them. Thus commences an awkward courtship...maybe? Is it a courtship? Does he feel for her the way she feels for him? Does he know how she feels? Then again, does she? Nur is beset by questions that would be easy to ask, if only she had the words. Those words are coming slowly, though, while her feelings for Hyun-Woo are thundering along at a more breakneck pace.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Book Review. Georgie. Malachy Doyle.

My Rating ☆☆☆

My Review 
Georgie is fiction but does capture the mind of a young and distressed child well. The language is in keeping with the age and education level of our protagonist Georgie. I liked Georgie. He obviously just needed the right person, place and time to process his past and what happened to his mum. 
Saying that I wasn’t convinced by the character of Shannon. The middle of this novel could have been longer and gone into more detail. The ending was unsatisfying. 
Read Georgie if you enjoyed the Tracey Beaker trilogy, by Jaqueline Wilson.